You just completed writing your manuscript. Congratulations!

Take a deep breath, take a good look at the last page of your finished masterpiece, and prepare yourself for the next step. Which is the next step? Publishing your manuscript, of course! It’s
that beautiful and creative leap of faith that will lead millions of people to read your book. You start by sending your manuscript to various publishers. However, some
reject your hard work, but others will offer you the deal of a lifetime. Is it though?
The deal of a lifetime? Your gut says no.
Then, why should you sign that contract when there is another option? Why should you go through the distress of seeing publishers reject your hard work? Why should
you not become a self-published author? It may seem daunting at first, but this is why we are here. To support the right of every author to publish his or her book!

What do we need to help you?

  •  A copy of your manuscript in PDF format.
  • Your contact information: First/Last Name, phone number, e-mail address.
  • A synopsis of your manuscript.
  • For you to complete the Submission Form below.

Celene Publishing respects the rights of authors to their manuscript, and for this reason, we recommend to first secure those rights before you submit your work.
Please send us your manuscript to: info@celenepublishing.gr addressed to the Publishing Department.

1. We accept only works of adults with a minimum word count of 15.000 words. The following requirements should be met:

Font Style: Times New Roman

Font Size: 12 pt black

Line Spacing: 1,5

2. Along with your work, you should also send:

A brief introductory query letter, listing the genre, word count, a short description of the book, and any relevant information about the author including, both pen name and legal name.

We also require a synopsis of your book, no more than 600 words that will include details of character development, plot, and the resolution of the story.

3. Notes:

Due to the fact that your work will not be returned, please do send a copy of your work. In case of loss of the materials, we bear no responsibility.

Please send us your manuscript to the following e-mail:

info@celenepublishing.com addressed to the Publishing Department.

You will receive an answer confirming that we received your submission.

We will evaluate your manuscript and contact you as soon as the evaluation process is complete.

Celene Publishing respects the rights of authors to their work, and for this reason, we recommend you secure those rights before you submit your work.
When you choose to follow self-publishing, you will own all rights to your work as well as publish your book as you wish.

Celene Publishing and its partners will help you complete this process with the first being securing your rights to your work as you see fit.

Your physical presence is not required since we are able to work with you online through conferences.

By completing the following form, we will be able to notify you of the cost of publishing your book.

Submission Form

After you submit this form, we will contact you within five business days.
If you do not receive an answer within this time frame, please contact us through e-mail at info@celenepublishing.com or by calling us at +30 2614016200.